The Best Bath Towels to Replace Your Moldy Ones in 2019

My Casalovers, 

Today I would like to share something that will change your bathroom and in general your life forever. You will forget the struggle of finding space for your towels, you will forget the constant smell of "damp" in your bathroom and you will rediscover a joy of traveling and especially of packing.

Meet your new best towel of 2019: Peshtemal/Fouta (if it's hard to remember those names, you can call them simply: Turkish towels).

Let me dig into the topic and explain you why is that so:

Peshtemal (in Arabic world they are also called 'Fouta' or 'futa') towels were mainly used in hammams. Hammam is a middle eastern variant of a steam bath. It can be categorized as a wet sauna.

Every time you enter hammam, tellak (worker of hammam in Turkey) hands you a peshtmal towel. In Turkish hammam's common terrycloth towels are not used because of the excessive weight. Imagine huge, full of the steam hammam and yourself walking with that terrycloth towel which absorbed all the water from the air. Turkish people want you to enjoy a hammam, not to be a heavy weight lifter.

The western world just recently discovered these towels. And pestemals are conquering not only the saunas. They are making their ways into our everyday life.

Peshtemals are very versatile. The most common use is of course in the bathroom as a regular towel. When the weather is nice, you can take your peshtemal to a picnic and use it as a blanket. Sometimes when I want to add some color to my living room I put it on a table as a tablecloth. Or if I want my scarf to match my outfit I wear peshtemal as a scarf.

And let's not forget those hot summer days and sandy beaches. The material of peshtemal does not have those loops as regular towels have, which means that sand is not sticking to it. Isn't it lovely? (click here, if you like to buy one in the photo above). The other thing I love about peshtemals is that they are saving so much space in my closet. When you fold them, they occupy a third of the space comparing to your regular terry cloth towel. 

Since peshtemals are thinner, they dry faster. This is a very important aspect if you are living in a more humid climate. The 'damp aroma' in your bathroom is usually caused by towels you use. They never get dry because they need time to do so. With peshtemals, you will just simply forget this issue.

My fellow reader, I know what you are thinking when you look at the photos of peshtemal. When I first saw this towel, I had the same thought: "What kind of sheet could absorb water better than a regular towel?" Well, I was wrong. Since peshtemals, I am using, are made of 100% quality Turkish cotton (click here if you want the best quality turkish towel), they absorb water like a dream. 

 Washing of peshtemals
 couldn't be easier: just throw them in a cold washing cycle. One tip for you: wash your peshtemal before you use it for the first time. It needs to be washed to become absorbent. Also what I noticed, that after each wash, my peshtmals become more and more absorbent and also softer. 
So what are you waiting for? Grab one of them here.

With Love, Sandra I~


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